If you are a member of a stroomer family you can have your permanent mailaddress that ends in stroomer.com if you'd like.
Mail sent to that address will be forwarded to any address designated by you, e.g. forwarded to the access provider specific e-mail address which your currently use. The forwarding can be easily changed by me when you want to use another mailbox from where you pick-up your mail. How and where you pick-up your mail will remain invisible to people sending you mail via the stroomer.com address ! I also don't see your mail because the server will, upon arrival of mail, forward it without storing it on my server. You're flexible in choosing your access-providers and mailboxes while your address stays the same.

Prefixes (the part of the address before the 'at'sign) are issued on a first come, first serve basis because they have to be unique. E.g. somehow there seem to be a lot of stroomers with firstnames starting with J !

Such service can be provided at marginal cost. E-mail for inquiries to:


(type this normal in line; just shown here like this graphically to prevent spam)

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